Subscribe to green podcasts via iTunes

Subscribe to green podcasts via iTunes

Are you a frequent RSS-reader? Yes? No? It doesn’t matter! Now you don’t just have to read to get your weekly dose of green news, blogs and rants. It’s time to start listen. It’s time to discover the green podcasts.

The folks over at iTunes have collected some of the best environment related podcasts from around the web in one nice, free, corner.

You will find green podcasts from the famous Grist and TreeHugger to the Lazy Environmentalist and The Sierra Club.

To be able to subscribe to any of the podcasts you will need to download and install iTunes. It’s free and works on both Windows (XP or Vista) and Mac OS X.

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Guest Steve Barker

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As a greenie person I do not do iTunes, Apple are trying to monopolise download music - and I do not see why i would want to limit this media to one private company. For and over view of iTunes and see: I opt for Linux and open souce formats such as ogg. I have iTunes an the Mac because iTunes comes with it. Yet the Mac can not play a cd single video in QuickTime format from 2000! You have to open OS 9, and run QuickTime from there. If Apple had their way we would be paying them per hearing for any music we listened to.

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