Thumbs up for trees

Thumbs up for trees

Here is a short note for our readers that use the bookmarking service StumbleUpon.

If you go to and "thumb up" that page you will help to plant trees, for free.

"Every day millions of StumbleUpon users discover great web sites and give them a "Thumbs-up". Starting this Earth Day, we want to harness the power of our community and the "Thumbs-up" to plant trees for the National Forest Foundation."

Every time a StumbleUpon user "thumbs" up that page a tree will be planted with help from the National Forest Foundation. This event will end on May 2, so hurry up and “thumb up”.

This is a pretty neat idea and in some way similar to Green Blog’s own tree planting program (Sorry! I just had too..).

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Simon Leufstedt
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Guest Jennae Petersen

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This is a great idea. Typically, the people who come to GreenBlog are probably the ones who are already trying to make a difference. Millions of people use StumbleUpon, and maybe the Earth Day page will encourage many of them to participate. Visit for eco-friendly home decor products and tips!

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