Help India to ban energy wasting incandescent light bulbs

Greenpeace in India have in the last two weeks been working hard with their climate change campaign “with a series of protests set to the backdrop of massive flooding across South Asia”.

Greenpeace especially try to convince the government in India to ban the ordinary energy wasting incandescent light bulb. If India were to ban energy wasting incandescent light bulbs “it would save at least 12,000 MW of electricity and over 55 Million tonnes of CO2 per year”.

Greenpeace activists have for example protested outside one of India's historical landmarks, the Mysore palace. Activists have also placed a 20-metre (66ft) life ring in the harbour of the capital of India warning about rising sea levels that “would render most of Mumbai's low-lying areas uninhabitable”. They have also blockaded the entrance to one of the country's leading lightbulb manufactures demanding the company to shift its production to CFLs.

Now it’s your turn to help convince the government of India to ban energy wasting incandescent light bulbs by signing the India ban the bulb petition.

- Sign the petition!

- Climate Protests in India

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