The Earth Hour carbon calculator

Did you participate in Earth Hour this weekend? Yes? Great, cause now its time to take it to the next level. It’s time to actually make a difference.

Earth Hour has teamed up with Zerofootprint, a Canadian not-for-profit organisation, to provide two carbon calculators so that Earth Hour participants (and anyone else for that matter) to measure their carbon footprint and "make ongoing changes to their individual lifestyles in a bid to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions."

"The Zerofootprint calculator helps us ratchet up the whole Earth Hour initiative. It allows communities to set real achievable targets to reach our five per cent reduction goal and gives people a means of making and measuring changes," said Andy Ridley, Earth Hour’s Executive Director.

There are two different carbon calculators people can choose from. One is an ordinary online form, similar to other carbon calculators. The other one is a Facebook application that will allow you to "mobilize and challenge your friends".

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Simon Leufstedt
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Guest Jay Goldman

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Thanks for posting this! Just wanted to also point your readers to our Personal Carbon Manager, which offers a much deeper understanding of your footprint and a variety of mechanisms to reduce it, including offsets. You'll find it at

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