Science Programme Launched by Bush Himself Says Humans Cause Climate Change

President Bush Official Portrait from U.S. State DepartmentThe US Climate Change Science Program was created by the climate change denying Bush administration back in late 2002 "to review the validity of climate-change science before making policy decisions." The science program was criticized by environmentalists for being used so that Bush could continue doing absolutely nothing to curb climate change.

But now the Climate Change Science Program has released their results and they clearly show that "human activity was responsible for the rapid warming of the 20th century."

"The evidence is pretty convincing that the models give a good simulation of climate," lead author David Bader of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California told reporters last week. He concedes that the report did not examine predictions of future climate change. Nor did it address policy issues, which will be left to the next administration.

Via New Scientist

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