Leading Scientist John Holdren Says the Term Global Warming is "Misleading"

In an interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now leading scientist John Holdren says the term "global warming" is wrong. He rather prefer to use the term "global disruption."

"I don’t like the term "global warming," because it's misleading. It implies something that's mainly about temperature, that's gradual, and that’s uniform across the planet. And in fact, temperature is only one of the things that's changing. It’s a sort of an index of the state of climate. The whole climate is changing: the winds, the ocean currents, the storm patterns, snow packs, snowmelt, flooding, droughts. Temperature is just a bit of it."

"It's also highly non-uniform. The largest changes are occurring in the far north in the Arctic, in the Antarctic Peninsula in the far south. It is certainly not gradual, in the sense that it is rapid compared to the capacity of ecosystems to adjust. It's rapid compared to the capacity of human systems to adjust."

John Holdren also said that he thinks that "most people, even most scientists, continue to underestimate how far down the path to climate catastrophe we've already travelled," and that "we're already experiencing dangerous interference".

You can watch and listen to the full interview over at DemocracyNow.org

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