It keeps getting warmer, no matter what some people say

It keeps getting warmer, no matter what some people sayThere have been some talks, especially on the Internet, that the global temperature this winter has increased less than it’s done the last fourteen years.

Climate deniers have, of course, been acting like crazy about this. But is it true? Are the climate deniers correct? Can we finally breathe out? Have the scientists been wrong all this time?

Unfortunately, that's not the case.

To be able to see a real trend in global warming you must study the temperature under a long time span to be able to see if the temperatures are increasing or not. And the trend is clear – the temperatures are increasing. The chart above clearly shows how temperature increases from year to year (the red line) and the trend (the blue lines).

It's worth noting that the warming has increased faster the last 10 years than before.

The global temperatures are still increasing but have been slowed down this winter a bit due to La Niña. This ocean-atmosphere phenomenon has a cooling effect on the earth.

During the La Niña period sea surface temperature across the equatorial Eastern Central Pacific Ocean will be lower than normal by 0.5 °C. La Niña is similar to El Niño but where La Niña cools down the planet El Niño increase the global temperature by at least 0.5 °C.

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Guest David

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I am a believer at in theory. I believe it is getting warmer.I believe the science that says we are adding negative effects.However because I believe these things does actually mean we are causing it? Is it not pausible that this is a cyclical effect we are going through.I am all for going green but I must admit my motivations are for economic and dependacy reasons. David

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