George Monbiot: "It's over, now we must adapt to what nature sends our way"

George MonbiotGeorge Monbiot, Europe’s leading green commentator, says it's all over. But argues we can't afford to abandon our efforts to cut emissions. Because if we do "our prophecy is bound to come true".

"Quietly in public, loudly in private, climate scientists everywhere are saying the same thing: it's over. The years in which more than 2C of global warming could have been prevented have passed, the opportunities squandered by denial and delay. On current trajectories we'll be lucky to get away with 4C. Mitigation (limiting greenhouse gas pollution) has failed; now we must adapt to what nature sends our way. If we can."

Read this important piece on the Guardian!

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Simon Leufstedt
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Guest Dorothy

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Thank you for posting this important and moving article. The moral choices we face have enormous implications. Hopefully, people in the developed world will choose to focus on the greater good and the fate of all humanity. Ultimately, it will be in our own best interest. The urgency for taking immediate action couldn't be greater. See our post "Temperature Spike Predicted for Next Year" at You can go directly to the Google Earth link: and open the KLM below the thumbnail map of Europe to view a map of the Arctic region showing a century of temperature anomalies. The data is from the UK Met Office, and is in the median range. There will be big shift in temperature just a year from now. Very disturbing.

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