Climate Walks

Climate WalksThis past Saturday it was Climate Walks! Climate Walks is a global demonstration day for the climate. It is being held in thousands of cities in nearly 100 different countries on the same day.

In Berlin, Germany, around 1500-2000 people demonstrated. In London over 10 000 people joined up. In Belgium around 3500 people demonstrated around the EU headquarter. In Sweden demonstrations were held in all major cities. In Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, around 1000-1200 people demonstrated, in the rain and cold, against the inaction against climate change.

In Sweden, the demonstrations for the climate didn’t just end after Climate Walks. Around 100 people from organisations such as Miljöförbundet Jordens vänner (Friends of the Earth), Fältbiologerna, Vänsterpartiet (Left Party) and Klimax blocked the traffic on a main street in Malmö (one of the bigger cities in Sweden) for around 15 minutes.

The police, who were supervising the demonstration decided to remove (direct the traffic away) the cars from the street instead of the protestors. So, to conclude everything the demonstration was indeed a success turning the street free from gas guzzling cars.

Demonstration in Mamlö

More images over at (Swedish)

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