Climate Change Demonstration in Denmark

Climate Change Demonstration in Denmark

The polar bear to the left holds a sign where it says "Homeless". Photo by: Mimo.

Last week the climate organisation Klimax (climax) held a large demonstration in central Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. The demonstration was the first of many more planned by the organisation before December 2009 when the top UN climate meeting Cop15 will be held.

"Denmark is to host the UN COP15 climate summit in the late winter of 2009. We are going to make that summit one the leaders will never forget. We are going to raise our voices in ways they cannot escape. We are going to tell them that we are not going to accept them playing Russian Roulette with our climate anymore. They are the few yet the consequences of their actions affects every being on the planet. We are going to protest using Nonviolent Direct Action because we cannot allow some delegates to endanger the face of the planet anymore. It is time to take the power back."


Around 500-600 people participated, mainly young people, in the march through the central parts of Copenhagen under the slogan "hands of our climate."

The demonstrators also took more direct action by planting trees at a crossing and smashing a window using a miniature version of a wind power station on the headquarter for the Danish Industry. The Danish Industry is a lobbyist organisation which represents some of the dirtiest and most CO2 polluting companies in Denmark.

Later on they released three banners from a construction site with the words "planet" "before" "profit". When the demonstration was about to end a coffin full of water balloons was opened and thrown on the police.


More photos from the demonstration can be found here.

Photo Credit: Mimo:,,

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Guest Benno Hansen

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I regret to admit I didn't go :-( Don't even remember what stopped me. But next time...

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Guest sagar saud

Posted · Report

Thanks for those who are working to save the nature.Go on writing ,speaking ,blogging,demonstrating for the sake of nature.

Greenvoice Nepal

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