An end to "scientific" whaling in sight?

Whaling in the Faroe IslandsWell, that’s a maybe. The Australian government is hoping that a new proposal from them will be able to cover up a loophole that let’s Japan conduct whaling for “scientific reasons”.

The Australian environmental minister Peter Garett said today that Australia will present their proposal next week in London during an International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting.

If Australia’s proposal gets accepted whaling for "scientific reasons" must be conducted according to the commission’s rules.

But this will not be an end to whaling. Several countries like Norway, Iceland and Greenland will still continue to brutally slaughter whales for "commercial" and "cultural" purposes.

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Guest louise

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it's an issue that is not going to go away fast I think, we have to keep the issue in the news so it get's lots of attention,

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