Humanity's need to cut down on fossil fuels

Right after the industrial revolution, the exploitation of natural resources by human societies increased at top speed. Fossil fuels are ever since the main source of energy used to cover most of our needs. This made people believe that they do not depend on renewable energy, but can survive only by using old technological inventions.

However, as it takes millions of years for fossil fuels to be created, being extracted in such an alarming pace means that we will sooner or later run out. Only then will people realize how much we wrongly depend on them. Production of all kinds of goods, heating and transportation are only few of the fields that will be directly affected.

But even if fossil fuels were an infinite source of energy, they are the main reason why huge quantities of carbon dioxide accumulates in the atmosphere, causing the greenhouse effect as well as acid rain, breathing problems and destruction of natural habitats.

Concequently, scientists should concentrate on creating and improving the ways we use alternative sources of energy. Making these sources more effective and easy to use, humanity will be able to wean off fossil fuels and face climate change. Generous fundings are given to laboratories dealing with medical care and weaponary. It is time that we realise that fossil fuels should not play the dominant role in producing energy, and thus major steps should be taken.

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