Greenpeace to sue French Nuclear Industry

Nuclear PlantJuly last month could have been better for the French nuclear industry. Several accidents occurred at the French nuclear site Tricastin-Pierrelatte. Now Greenpeace in France has launched two court cases in an "effort to find out what’s really been going on" at the nuclear plant.

"We're suing French power company Areva and its subsidiary company Socatri for causing water pollution, and for the abandonment and illegal deposit of waste. Our aim is to bring into the public eye the circumstances that led to these problems and expose the terrible safety record of the nuclear industry."

Here is what the public in France knows so far about the nuclear incidents:

  • On July 7, 11PM, over 74 kilos of uranium is leaked into the environment from Tricastin. Eight hours later the authorities are informed.
  • July 8, 1PM, Restrictions on fishing, bathing and drinking local water are introduced 14 hours after the accident.
  • July 17, investigation of the leak reveals that there is more radioactivity present than the leak could have caused. Further investigation suggests that the military, who stored radioactive material at the site underground without proper containment in the 60’s and 70’s could be to blame.
  • July 23, a leaking pipe results in 100 workers being exposed to radioactive particles from a leaking pipe.
  • July 29, a false alarm results in 120 workers being evacuated, tests show that 45 employees have traces of radiation on them from the previous weeks’ leak.

When the first incident came to light the French police launched an investigation. Tests of the ground water at all nuclear power facilities have also been ordered by the French Environment Minister.

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