Greenpeace activists board coal ship near the Great Barrier Reef

Despite commitments from Australia to limit global warming to below 2 degrees the country’s coal export are planned to expand by more than double current levels in the coming years. For that reason six Greenpeace activists boarded a ship from Australia carrying coal for the Asian market earlier this morning. The dramatic stunt is part of a ramped up campaign from Greenpeace against Australia's ever increasing coal exports.

“We’ve taken the action today because Australia is on track to almost double coal exports in the next decade. Both major political parties have no solutions on the table. It is time to slow down the coal boom,” Greenpeace Activist Emma Giles told the Guardian from on board the ship.

“Our leaders are failing us so it’s up to us to take civil disobedience and to slow down and stop these coal ships. We are set to stay here as long as it takes,” Giles said.

Along with this action, Greenpeace are calling on people to join their campaign by signing a statement in support of today’s action. Once they reach 10 000 names, the statement will be published in the Australian Financial Review.

The video below shows how Greenpeace activists boarded the coal ship.

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