31% of Men Believe "Global Warming is a Myth Invented by the Hippies"

31% of Men Believe "Global Warming is a Myth Invented by the Hippies"

31% of men believe climate change "is a myth invented by the hippies." At least that is the case if you take a look at the results from the 2008 great male survey from AskMen.com, one of the most comprehensive opinion polls of men ever conducted on the web.

31% might seem like a high number in the light of overwhelming scientific evidence and consensus in favour of man-made climate change. Luckily the majority are no climate change deniers as 69% the men asked are worried about the effects of global warming.

Besides all the ordinary sport, movie, celebrity and TV questions the men who participated in the survey were actually asked a couple of serious questions.

For example, if money wasn't a factor, 53% says they would buy an eco-friendly car to help the environment. 33% says "no, I would only buy an eco-friendly car to save on gas." And 14% don't see any reasons to buy an eco-friendly car at all.

Even though we face a planetary climate crisis the number one issue which determines who the men will vote for in the upcoming election in USA is not climate change. 35% said the number one issue that matters the most for them is "economic stimulus." Sure, you could say that fixing the economy is the same as investing in green renewable energy, stopping pollutions and greenhouse gases etc.

On second place Iraq came with 22% of the votes. After that taxes with 16% and then health care with 12% of the votes. Climate change shared the fifth place along with immigration with only 7% of the votes.

Unfortunately we couldn’t compare these results to the great female survey. Because it seems the people behind AskMen.com are more interested in women’s sexuality and dating trends than women’s views on politics and climate change.

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