Spain inaugurate its brand new high-speed railway system

Spain inaugurate its brand new high-speed railway system

Spain recently inaugurated its brand new high-speed railway system called AVE (Alta Velocidad Española). The new high-speed trains will travel from Madrid to Málaga in a speed of up to 350 kilometres per hour. The journey will take around 2,5 hours. Before the new railway system the same journey with train would have taken around 4 hours.

The new high-speed railway system is a greener alternative, and in some cases, a faster alternative than by going the same journey by plane.

In April, the next part of AVE that connects Madrid and Barcelona is scheduled to be completed. When finished, people will be able to travel through all of Spain via high-speed trains.

The Spanish Prime Minister, José Luís Rodríguez Zapatero, have praised AVE saying "it’s an effective and environmental friendly means of transportation". Magdalena Álvarez, the Spanish Economic Minister, have said that "AVE opens many doors to the future" and that AVE "is a project that will create wealth and take us [spain] another step towards the society we want to create".

The Spanish government is planning to connect all the major cities in Spain with the AVE high-speed railway system. Year 2020 the whole system is planned to be finished to a total cost of 80,5 billion euros. Over 10000 kilometres of high-speed railways will then have been built across Spain.

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Guest John Whelan

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I can't imagine travelling at speeds up to 350 km! Although I would not hesitate to try it out but would be thinking in the back of my head about the operating system and it's reliablility. I still have to say I'm all for "going green"! Great concept...

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