Big 3 will continue to sue the Government to prevent stricter fuel-efficiency standards

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After getting bailed out by the American public the "big three" in USA still show that they can’t be trusted. For years these failed auto companies have resisted and done everything in their powers to stop stronger compulsory MPG and CO2 emission standards, denied climate change and their promises that they could cut their greenhouse gases voluntarily have all failed.

If you thought the bailout would help put pressure on the big three to start shifting their production to more environmental friendly vehicles, that the consumers actually wants, you thought wrong. These failed auto makers have no intent in stopping their resistant for sane technology change after getting bailed out:

“In a telephone interview this morning, Charles Territo, a spokesman for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, which is a party to two of the lawsuits now in federal court, said that the association had no intention of altering its strategy just because some of its members had recently received billions in public money.

“Keep in mind that the money that was given was one to two manufacturers [GM and Chrysler]," he said. "And all manufacturers have opposed the standards. Those lawsuits were brought by the entire industry, to protect the longstanding federal law that says that fuel efficiency standards should be set at the federal level and not by individual states.””

"The irony here is the auto companies want a bailout, in many ways because they weren’t building the kind of cars that were compatible with today’s energy market - and at the same time, they want to keep going with their lawsuits, which have already cost millions and millions of dollars," Jerry Brown, California’s attorney general, said in an interview with NPR.

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Guest Off Grid

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This is so dissapointing, but not terribly surprising I guess. I would hate to see the car companies go under for the sake of their workers. If the industry didn' t create so many jobs I'd say let them go bankrupt!

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