Would you vote for Al Gore?

Would you vote for Al Gore?It’s time for a new week and a brand new “Question of the Week”. But first, let’s see how you voted on last weeks question "Would you vote for Al Gore in the (USA) presidential election 2008?":

  • Yes (33%)
  • I don’t know? (33%)
  • Yes – If I were a US citizen I would. (22%)
  • No – Even If I were a US citizen I wouldn’t. (11%)
  • No (0%)

55% of the people who voted would vote for Al Gore if they had the option. Note that the result contains votes from people outside of the USA. 11% wouldn’t vote for Al Gore, even if they were allowed to vote in the USA presidential election 2008. Around 33% of the voters didn’t know if they would vote for Al Gore. I personally think that is a good choice because we don’t know where Al Gore stands in other questions like healthcare, education etc. We only know his thoughts about global warming, and politics is more than just the end of the world.

The new question of the week is: Do you think your elected officials do enough to combat climate change?

Image credit: Will Palmer. Image licensed under a

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