White House refuses to open EPA emails on global warming

The White House has apparently refused to open an email from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with a proposed rule that would limit greenhouse-gas emissions from new vehicles. And what is more surprising (!?) is that they managed to get it their way in the end.

I am not even surprised anymore. That's why I will let John Stewart do the explaining:

"The White House avoided implementing the EPA's recommendations [on global warming] by informing the agency they would not open the email. The White House is treating the American environmental policy like a spam boner pill ad!"

Bush and his climate criminal buddies will surely be remembered in the history books.

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Simon Leufstedt
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Guest Teresa

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Sometimes it amazes me what our government will ignore. I read a news article the other day that said road travels were down millions of miles (great for the environment!) but the government was all ticked off because they were losing all of that gas tax. . . How selfish, right? Our government should be jumping up and down in a fit of joy that Americans are starting to do their part in saving the world! Anyway, it doesn't surprise me that the govt. Can ignore global warming, because in the end, global warming doesn't make them any money. It's sad that it comes down to that. ~Teresa www.naturalbabybiz.com

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