Watch: Emma Thompson gets tough about Heathrow decision

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A third runway is proposed to be built at the Heathrow airport in the UK. Once constructed the third runway would make Heathrow to the single biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK. It’s expected that the airport would emit nearly 27 million tonnes of CO2 every year. A sum that is equivalent to the emissions of 57 of the least polluting countries in the world combined.

But the resistance against the third runway is massive, as I've written about before: Greenpeace, celebrities and politicians buy Heathrow land to delay third runway and Angry kids against the grownups inaction

Here in this video Emma Thompson, a British actress and Greenpeace activist, is being interviewed about her anger against the third runway. The video is about 3 months old I believe. But I think it clearly show what kind of feelings people have towards the third runway and the hypocrisy from the UK government.

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