UN says that the current financial crisis could hasten green growth

Yvo de Boer, who heads the Bonn-based U.N. Climate Change Secretariat, is a bit more optimistic about the current financial crisis than George Monbiot is. Yvo de Boer says that the current financial crisis could "hasten" countries efforts to create a greener and more sustainable economy.

"The credit crisis can be used to make progress in a new direction, an opportunity for global green economic growth," Yvo de Boer told a news conference.

"The credit crunch I believe is an opportunity to rebuild the financial system that would underpin sustainable growth," and that "governments now have an opportunity to create and enforce policy which stimulates private competition to fund clean industry", Yvo de Boer said.

Yvo de Boer said that to be able to "create new markets, investment opportunities and job creation" the climate meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark, in December 2009 must be successful.

Read the whole interview over at wbcsd.org

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