The new iMac from Apple

Apple iMac

Last week Apple released their brand new iMac to the world. Like always its one heck of a design and the computer looks great.

But how green is this new iMac? After a massive campaign where Greenpeace and thousands of Apple users demanded Apple to become greener and the growing global warming threat this is one hot topic these days.

Steve Jobs have said that “recycling has been kept in mind from the ground up” in the making of the new iMac. Steve has also posted a green manifesto where he talks about how green Apple will become.

But what about the new iMac then!? Well, to be honest it’s not much to hang in the tree.

So far there has been no word about how the new iMacs EPEAT rating will be. On the brighter side the new iMac have no problems matching the standards of the EPA's new, more strict, Energy Star guidelines.

The new iMac display is now made with glass and they have replaced the plastic front side with aluminium while they have kept the plastic on the back side. These new things are easier to recycle but they are energy intensive to create.

But there is still no word about a global take back program. And Apple still uses hazardous chemicals like PVC, BFRs, Lead and other heavy metals. Not even the screen is, that Steve promised in his green manifesto, using LED back-lit monitors (LED backlights mean brighter, whiter, longer-lasting and less power-hungry monitors).

Like Giona over at Making Waves said: “One of the pictures that Steve Jobs used in his last presentation showed how the new iMac looks much nicer than the one of their competitors. Next time I would like to see that they are really different, inside too“.

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Great post. I'm an avid Mac user (not enough to go out and buy all of the newest machines), and plan on watching everything that Jobs/Apple puts in place from a Green perspective. So far, Google is keeping much a much higher profile in the alternative energy space. Of course, Apple is consumer, Google is service-oriented. Even still, I wish Apple could establish themselves more squarely as Green.

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