Swedish general election strengthens the Greens

If you have been reading this blog for a while now you probably know that last night it was election time in Sweden. This was an election with clear differences between the different political sides. The right-wing government (see explanation of the different political parties in Sweden below) who have been heavily criticized for their awful climate wrecking track record was up against a redgreen coalition including Sweden’s biggest political party the Social Democrats, the smaller Left Party and the Green Party. Unfortunately when the election night was over the right-wing government had received a majority of the votes and it seems that they will be able to remain in power. But none of the two main political blocks gained a majority of the votes.

This means that the climate was the big loser in this election as the current governments climate policy have been called a failure by heavy environmental organisations and even won greenwash awards.

But nonetheless the Greens in Sweden managed to get 7,2% of the votes, or 25 of the 349 seats in the parliament. The best election result ever for the Greens in Sweden. This is an 2% increase since the last election and it results in the Greens becoming the third major political force in Sweden.

Monica Frassoni and Philippe Lamberts, Co-Spokespersons for the European Greens, said in a statement that:

"This is an excellent result for the Swedish Greens and we would like to congratulate the Greens' leaders, Maria Wetterstrand and Peter Eriksson, and all the party's activists and staff, for waging a strong and positive campaign which appealed to a large part of the Swedish electorate."

"We know that the Swedish Greens will continue to focus on real solutions to the problems currently facing Sweden and will fight hard for environmental sustainability including increased investment in renewables rather than dangerous and inefficient nuclear power, the Green New Deal and an economy that serves citizens' interests."

If you want you can learn more about the Swedish Greens over at the European Greens website.

But another very tragic and sad effect of the election yesterday night is that Sweden now has joined the many other European countries with far-right extremist parties in their parliaments. The Swedish Democrats, which is a political party based on racist and nazi values, gained a shocking 5.7% of the votes, or 20 of the 349 seats in the Swedish parliament. So it's a very sad day for democracy in Sweden as well as around Europe that these dark forces gains more and more power.

The election result is still very uncertain as none of the two main political blocks gained majority. So we will have to wait and see until at the end of this week how the new political landscape in Sweden will look like.


Key to Swedish Political Parties:

Government (right/centre-right):
Moderates (M)
Centre Party ©
Liberal Party (FP)
Christian Democrats (KD)

Opposition (left/centre-left):
Social Democrats (S)
Green Party (MP)
Left Party (V)

Opposition (extreme far-right):
Swedish Democrats (SD)

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Guest Pharmaceutical Recruitment

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Yes, it must be a voting agenda. So that people and elected party both will consider this issue seriously.

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Guest HeinrichM

Posted · Report

The improvement in percentage votes for the Greens is encouraging. People are starting to take note and more people are starting to base their votes on what is good for the environment. Let us all hope that this trend will continue!

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Guest swedish companies

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Swedish companies are in general very productive and environmentally conscious

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Guest Vanessa Nichol

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