Spain aims high, wants to plant 500 million trees

Spain aims high, wants to plant 500 million treesWe all know that politicians try to flatter everyone to vote for them. They promise and they promise but it’s not every time that their promises come to reality. Cause in the end they have usually promised too much than they can handle in their quest for power.

For the right-wing opposition in Spain, this should have been crystal clear before they launched their climate saving plans.

The Spanish political party, Partido Popular, have started their election campaign by promising to plant 500 million trees to combat climate change and stop the devastating effects it will have on Spain.

The 500 million (!) trees are planned to be planted under a four years period, if Partido Popular gets elected. That’s ten times more trees than the ruling socialist party PSOE promised to plant when they got elected.

While it is truly a notable campaign promise, for a political party that last year regarded climate changes as "something that will happen in 300 years", one must wonder how it will be possible. Planting over 14000 trees every hour, 24 hours per day in four years can be a bit, "complicated".

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Obviously this is a promise they can't keep and shows that they are doing everything to be elected :(

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500million over 4 years, wow, that is a lot of trees, and as Miguel says, that's a promise I doubt they could even hope to achieve. On the upside, Spain is certainly becoming more green, the wind and solar power generation is enviable, there are ad's on TV exhorting people to recycle, endangered species are being released back into the wild, and the fact that the major political parties are using the environment card bodes well for Spain. They're showing signs of wanting to catch up with the Northern European countries.

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Guest Mountainhiker

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That is only 342,465 trees a day for 4 years! Should totally solve the unemployment problem for the next 4 years!

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