Protesters stops coal train in Britain

Protesters stops coal train in Britain

Image shows activists shoveling down coal from the train. The dirty coal-plant Drax can be seen in the distant. Photo: Climate Camp.

Today activists from Climate Camp stopped a train carrying coal to Britain's biggest coal-power station. Armed with a banderol with the text "Leave it in the ground" the activists started to shovel down the coal to the ground.

The protestors had food and water with them so they could be "able to remain on board for several days."

"We are ready to stay here for as long as Gordon Brown and the government keep burning polluting fuel in these power stations," said one of the protesters before clipping climbing ropes to the train's wheels and the bridge girders. Although flimsy, the web would risk damage to the train or bridge if any attempt was made to drive off."

Activist Ben Tennyson said:

"We've stopped this train to prevent it delivering a thousand tonnes of coal to be burned at Drax and then released into the atmosphere. If we're serious about fighting climate change we have to leave this dirty fuel in the ground and invest in clean, renewable energy sources instead."

When this post is written the activists still remains on the "hijacked" train. For more updated news check out BBC News and the Guardian (Both sites have video!).

Green Blog wishes these activists the best of luck! This also reminds us about a quote from Al Gore: "I can't understand why there aren't rings of young people blocking bulldozers and preventing them from constructing coal-fired power stations."

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