Liberal solutions to our environmental problems

Liberal Solutions

The comic strip says:

The moderately okay liberal guilt pages:

- Gee honey, the bumblebees are dying, the polar bears are dying, and the oceans are acidifying.

- Something must be done.

- Where's my checkbook?

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Simon Admin
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Guest Mundo Feliz

Posted · Report

Hello Simon:

I was wondering if it would be ok to post your cartoon on our website, we are an NGO focusing on the environment and recycling in Mexico, we would of course link to this blog as well as give you credit for everything.

Please write back at our website is

thank you

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Guest Simon Leufstedt

Posted · Report

I am sorry but I am not the artist of this cartoon. I found it on Reddit a few days ago and have, without success, tried to find the original source.

If you have the slightest idea who the source is please let me know so I can credit him/she properly. Thanks! :)

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