Ireland bans incandescent light bulbs

Ireland bans incandescent light bulbsIreland has decided to ban all energy wasting incandescent light bulbs by year 2009.

By switching over to Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) Irelands carbon emissions will be reduced with about 700.000 tons every year. But this move is not only positive for the climate but also for the households in Ireland that is expected to save the impressive amount of €185 million in energy costs.

Ireland is also planning to tax all new and imported cars accordingly to how much they pollute. The more carbon emissions a car releases the higher it tax will be.

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Guest Simon Kiteley

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Seems crazy that the whole world is not doing this. Has there ever been a more obvious improvement. Not only will this result in a saving on energy use but it will also mean that the users of CFL bulbs will save money themselves.

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