Interview with Ricky Clancy of Sony Electronics

Here’s some fun Friday reading for everyone interested in Sonys recycling program (and of course I firmly believe you want to read about recycling on a Friday evening..). The interview "victim" is Rick Clancy, the senior Vice President of Corporate Communications at Sony Electronics Inc.

Ricky Clancy

Why did Sony initiate this program now? Is it because of the sudden concern of climate change or are there any other reason?

As the nation's leading marketer of consumer electronics products, our management strongly believes that Sony should also be in the forefront of environmental initiatives that demonstrate social responsibility with respect to the design, development, manufacture, usage and disposal of our products. The Sony Take Back Recycling Program is clearly such an initiative.

Also as we become more involved with the massive transition taking place in America from analogue cathode ray tube televisions to flat-panel high-definition TVs -- combined with the plethora of other consumer electronics devices that are reaching their end-of-life -- we believe that now is the perfect time to take a national initiative along the lines of the Sony Take Back Recycling Program.

A thing you should note is that Sony only has a recycling program in the USA and not worldwide. Sony is also ranked on sixth place in the Green Electronics Guide from Greenpeace:

The biggest mover with improved take back program and more products free of the worst chemicals. Previous penalty point on take-back policy lifted, but loses points for not reporting recycling rate percentage.

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