Gore and Obama to meet privately in Chicago today

Bono, Al Gore - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2008

Creative Commons License Photo credit: World Economic Forum

Today Al Gore, Barack Obama and Joe Biden will meet privately to discuss "energy and climate change and how policies in this area can stimulate the economy and create jobs".

Obama has earlier said that Gore is one of his advisors on climate change and there are rumours floating around that Obama want Gore to be his "energy czar".

"Obama is reportedly considering creating an energy czar. Gore would be the logical pick. As czar he would be able to help oversee the Transportation department, the Interior department, and the Environmental Protection Agency. He would have a powerful voice over everything from mileage standards to conservation requirements. Even as the Bush administration continues to try to gut regulations such as restrictions on mining and drilling in Utah's most pristine national parks, it must be awfully tempting for Gore to have the chance to put rhetoric into action."

But Gore has repeatedly denied any ideas off an official role in the Obama administration.

"This meeting is a continuation of their conversations about climate and energy and how policies to address them can help the economy and jobs," said Gore spokeswoman Kalee Kreider. "Former Vice President Gore still believes his calling at this time is to help educate the public about the issues through his roles at the Alliance at Climate Protection and other work."

Sure, Gore as an "energy czar" would send a strong signal that USA is now serious about energy and the climate. But I do believe Obama can find other strong candidates for the job besides Gore. Because at the moment Gore is still very much needed in creating strong support among the public in USA for tougher environmental actions.

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