Google give us mixed feelings

Google give us mixed feelings

Google is probably one of the most successful Internet companies, ever. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google, have transformed the well-known company from an ordinary search engine site to a successful global advertising company. The good thing is that they are turning more and more into a green company.

For example they have plans for a massive solar installation at its campus. They are investing millions of dollar in companies seeking to make plug-in hybrid vehicles a reality. Google are also teaming up with green companies and doing many more things pushing Google to a more sustainable and environment friendly company.

But Google also keep giving us mixed feelings about them. Their motto is “do no evil” but apparently you don’t always need to use it.

Google is supporting dictatorships by censoring search results for people from different countries. Giving the American health care industry some rather disgusting tips. Just to name a few.

The latest news about Google makes us shaking our heads. Larry Page and Sergey Brin have bought an enormous-CO2-polluting 767 to fly around in as their very own private yet.

I don't know why two guys need a big wide-bodied 767 jet to fly around, guzzling gas and polluting the planet and I don't know why NASA cut them a deal to land at Moffit Airbase, minutes away from Google headquarters but I do know that it hurts the brand image of the company they founded and run. Not good.

Is Google really serious about their “do no evil” motto or are they just looking for some good PR?

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Guest Ethan Adviento

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As a company Google has been talking, for a while, about going carbon neutral. Their actions as a corporation set an important example. There are 2 elements in the collective drive to help climate change: corporate; and personal. So how can each of us take action to be greener, to build greener activities into our daily routine. Search engines on a personal level can be one way: is a green search engine. It is the same search Google gives you, except with the green bonus of reduced emissions and carbon offsets from all the funds generated! A small step but I have built into my daily routine a greener way to search, I urge you to do likewise. ~EA

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