Educating Consumers to Encourage Green Growth

In these tough economical times, it is easy for consumers who had genuinely been trying to greenify their lifestyles to fall back on their old habits. The reason for this is simple—those products are cheaper for the time being. However, prices on green items have actually been nearing those of their less-green counterparts for some time.

Public demand for green items has done a lot to help bring the prices down, because sustainable and eco-friendly items are being more widely produced. Companies are actually adopting policies and procedures to help with the current environmental dilemma.

Encourage the Transition

With the myriad benefits of green goods, it is increasingly more important for consumers to be rallied on in their efforts. People are feeling better about the positive impact they are contributing to by changing a few simple aspects of their lives. Many consumers who begin buying green help to spread the word and ultimately end up trying to make more informed decisions before making purchases.

Gradual Growth is Still Growth

Even if the market is slowing, growth in green and eco-friendly industries may have slowed, but gradual growth is still beneficial, both to the market and the planet. It all comes down to whether people ultimately recognize the true value of the products they are consuming when making the decision to go green.

Eliminating Worst Products and Packaging

If the public is properly educated about the most environmentally offensive companies, products, and packaging procedures, something can be done to eliminate these activities. Boycotting certain companies or products may seem like an extreme suggestion, but the message would be loud and clear. There are more sustainable options out there, and products that harm the environment should simply not exist.

Value for Dollar

Some green products certainly cost more than others, but the value of giving back cannot be given a price tag. The intrinsic value alone of supporting companies and products that are better for our environment is worth paying a little extra. Helping these companies to grow will ultimately end up helping grow the market and create a cultural consciousness related to green living.

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Guest Perry Peck

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Hemp, the “standing silent nation” as the Lakotas call it, has tens of thousands of uses, from superior textiles and cosmetics to biodegradable plastics. It is environmentally friendly, requiring no pesticides, little water and fertilizer and no herbicides. It controls erosion, produces huge amounts of biomass and oxygen, and replaces trees in making not just paper products, but building materials. The day will come very soon when hemp will become as common as other natural resources. We who understand this and try our best by becoming activist and writing our political leaders. By demanding action to right this wrong we are not only helping humanity we are helping ourselves. Hemp makes common sense but for economic reasons too and environmental reasons HEMP IS GOOD FOR US AND OUR COUNTRY. I sell Organic and hemp clothing at GO HEMP GO!

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