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When most of us think of a community fair, we think of ferris wheels, halls of mirrors, rodeos and greasy food. Families come from miles around to ride the rides, watch the shows, look at the animals and stuff their faces. The good news is that local fairs are still going strong, the even better news is that more fairs are focused on being green.

Green fairs seem to be a great new trend in communities. Instead of crazy rides and sloppy food, green fairs show off the latest green products, ideas and organic foods. A green fair might not have adrenalin pumping rides or shows, but they definitely get people pumped up about being green.

What exactly makes up a green fair? In Plymouth Michigan, the Green Street Fair has all sorts of events over three days. There are expert speakers, bands rocking for the Earth, companies showing off their green products, tons of great food and much more! Events like the Plymouth fair are a great place for families to come and have a great time and also learn about things they can do to take care of Mother Earth.

Why aren’t all communities holding green events? I think this is a question everyone who cares about the well being of our environment should be asking. Most people don’t think about environmental issues unless they are in their face on a regular basis. What better way to bring up great ways we can do our part then a big fair! Having great music, awesome food and fantastic hands on exhibits will reach a lot farther than Al Gore lecturing about Global Warming. It’s a great way to get people into the mood of doing what is right. We all know that if we are not in the mood to do something, it just doesn’t get done.

What should we all be doing? We all should be pushing to spread events like the Plymouth Green Fair all over the world! It really isn’t difficult to talk to local business owners, the chamber of commerce and the city mayor to get the wheels turning. There will be many people in your community that will want to help out! Throwing a green fair in your community just may be the push folks need to make the environment a higher priority!

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