Climate change with a gender perspective

Who is to be blamed for climate change? The male population of the human race, of course. Sure we are all equal in our actions but if you consider climate change with a gender perspective a strong pattern reveals itself.

The (wealthy) men consume and pollute the most on our planet. And because of the fact that it’s often the same men that has the power in our communities and daily life they will continue to permit themselves to consume and pollute in the same extreme way.

According to a report issued by Gerd Johnsson Latham on the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Sweden wealthy men and global warming makes a dangerous combination.

Rich and wealthy men on average cause up to 20 ecological footprints for every step they take. Compare this to a poor woman who only does 0,7 ecological footprints for every step.

People like you and me have a tendency to shop to confirm our gender identity. While the male population generally buys a sport car or a fast motorboat to confirm his male identity a woman perhaps only buys an expensive purse. I leave it to you to figure out the rather obvious of which one affect our climate the most.

The men who are in charge in our society often give priority to a welfare in terms of “things” like cars and tech gadgets rather than more time with children and human/civil rights.

The report continues with a Swedish, but probably also a global example: On the roads in Sweden a majority of the drivers are men. Three out of four cars are owned by men.

Gerd Johnsson Latham has recently presented the report in UN and she was recently invited for a discussion by the environmental organisation Wedo and the network for female leaders Counsil of Women World Leaders about the report.

When the gender decides our consumption and CO2 pollution sexual (gender) equality is a prerequisite to a sustainable development.

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Simon Leufstedt
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