Blog Action Day: Poverty and Environment

During the last few years societies familiarise quickly with environmental issues. The First and the Second World residents get gradually informed about problems such as climate change and the greenhouse effect, that take place due to human activity.

Wealthy people from the upper classes of society have many opportunities to get involved in these problems, to raise their own and other people's awareness, and to contribute financially. However, this is not the case when it comes to lower ranks. It seems that poverty is a barrier in taking part in solving environmental problems.

For example, it is said that we should prefer bio-eco products for a greener life. Those products can be recycled or/and recyclable, manufactured in environmental friendly ways, without the use of toxic substances or chemicals. But all these features make them very expensive as well. So, the poorer people have to keep buying the cheapest products, and thus promoting the continuous manufacture and use of unhealthy and pollutant products.

In addition to this, poor people usually have to work hard to make a living. That makes them focus on their personal problems and the exhaustion caused by them, ignoring all other issues. Consequently, most of them are not interested in environmental problems and do not consider getting involved as a possible option. Due to the tough living conditions, lower ranks are also unable to concentrate on deeper education. However, education is crucial when it comes to raising awareness.

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Guest dosomegreen

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We totally agree! What an interesting take on the subject of poverty! We would love for your to share your insights on our blog, at Maybe together we can try to come up with solutions for those who are economically disadvantaged. On our site we have a section on how going green can actually save money. If you want, you can email us and together we can come up with a blog entry related to this subject and post them on both your blog and ours. We'd love to hear from you! Please get in touch.

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Guest Art3mis

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Thank you so much for the comment. I am happy we have the same ideas. Your blog is very interesting. Unfortunately, I don't have much time to co-operate with many blogs. Thanks a lot for the invite, I will try to get in touch in the future. For now, it's Green Blog for me.

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