As President, McCain will not regulate greenhouse gases

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Joseph Romm, from the Climate Progress blog, writes on Huffington Post that John McCain won't regulate greenhouse gas emissions if he and Sarah Palin get elected.

Romm writes that McCain does not support mandatory government control of greenhouse gases, something he supported before running for President. Romm also points out the fact that McCain picked a climate change denier as his running mate, that McCain failed to mention climate change in his acceptance speech and that McCain's chief economic adviser Douglas Holtz-Eakin recently said that "McCain does not agree with the Supreme Court decision that labels carbon dioxide a pollutant and requiring EPA to regulate it."

"Now the McCain campaign has decided to eliminate the ambiguity entirely in the desperate and erratic final days of his campaign. In her big greenwashing energy speech at an Ohio solar energy company, Palin was as blunt as possible in her prepared (and delivered) remarks:

And we will control greenhouse gas emissions by giving American businesses new incentives and new rewards to seek, instead of just giving them new taxes to pay and new orders that they must follow -- "so says government".

The final three words were ones she added, but the prepared text alone leaves no room for doubt. A McCain-Palin administration will not be issuing new orders that businesses must follow to control greenhouse gas emissions. It will use a voluntary or incentive-based approach, one that has never worked in any country to restrain emissions growth."

Romm also points out 18 other stupid and dangerous standpoints McCain has when it comes to climate change and clean energy. Such as McCain's gas-tax holiday proposal and that he has voted against clean energy 42 out of 44 times during the past two decades.

If you care about climate change and clean energy you only have once choice, Romm writes, "and it isn't McCain-Palin."

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