Angry kids against the grownups inaction

The older generation is partly to be blamed for this climate change mess we have gotten our self into. They sit on the power and the money. They decide yours, mine and your children’s future. And from the looks of their inaction it seems they have decided to make the future a real mess for everyone.

No wonder the kids, and their moms, are angry.

They are so angry that they have started a UK network called WE CAN (WE Climate Action Now).

we CAN
was started by a group of mothers and young people who are gravely concerned about the government’s failure to take decisive action on climate change. Many of us have not taken political action before. The CAN in our name stands for Climate Action Now – which is what we’re calling for. The government needs to know that it has a mandate to tackle the problem – we want to show that it has."

Their first action will be a demonstration against the plans on a third runway at Heathrow Airport.

"How can a responsible government that claims it cares about the environment be giving serious consideration to a third runway which would double air traffic (not reduce congestion) and emit as much yearly CO2 as the whole of Kenya? The government’s stance on this issue sums up the whole problem: profits and popularity are put before the planet."

They have even made a video:

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Guest Green Brotha

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"and a little child shall lead them" isn't this always the way. the kids will be a effected a lot more then grown ups, so I am happy to see some of them take action.

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