Al Gore launches climate change campaign

The We Campaign logo and website

Yesterday Al Gore launched the We Campaign. It’s a $300 million 3-year effort "to mobilize Americans on climate change."

The campaign will focus on sending out its message using mainly TV and print ads. People will be urged to go to the We Campaign website and sign the petition for a global treaty on climate change, urge the press to ask questions about climate change and learn more about global warming, the solutions and how they can personally minimize their environmental impact.

The ads will show, by featuring people like Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrich, Pat Robertson and Al Sharpton, that both conservatives and liberals can rally around the climate crisis (You can see the very first advertisement that will be aired on TV after the jump).

The We Campaign is backed up by Alliance for Climate Protection. Organisations like the Girl Scouts of the USA, Conservation Federation of Missouri, Earth Day Network, Colorado Wildlife Federation and many others is partnering with the We Campaign to bring in grassroots organisations to the campaign.

To be able to fund this huge campaign Al Gore will donate all profits from the An Inconvenient Truth book and movie. He will also donate his Nobel Prize money and a matching sum from his own personal money stash.

Below you can find a interview from 60 Minutes with Al Gore about the new campaign ("- Like the Vice President?" "- Hahaha"). And, ah, the irony when you have to watch a car commercial before and after the actual video interview.

Interview with Al Gore:

The first TV ad:

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Guest ecoguy

Posted · Report

And oh the irony of this coming from Al Gore. I like that individuals from all sides of the spectrum are represented in the video and show that this is not just another issue that can be used to polarize the parties and Americans. Check out

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Guest Tony Iovino

Posted · Report

I would run commercials featuring the families of fallen soldiers. Show shots of mullahs and sheiks, terrorists and petty dictators and rich Arabs lavishly spending money. I'd say we must move away from an oil based economy so we don't have to send our money to these criminals (or worse) and so we don't have to send our brave men and women into areas like the Middle East to protect our oil interests. If a side benefit is less CO2 emissions, so be it. By the way, the fun starts on the global warming front when liberals finally acknowledge that there is no way we can seriously reduce carbon emissions without extensively increasing our use of nuclear power. Then the fur will really start to fly--so to speak.

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Guest SarahV81

Posted · Report

This is a great step in the right direction as far as I'm concerned. I live in the UK, and am involved with who are committed to making it easier for all of us to reduce our CO2 emissions. Right now, we’re getting people to confess the eco sins, for a chance to win some energy saving prizes, such as the ‘Wattson’ energy gadget that lets you know how much energy you waste & money you lose by keeping things on. Please visit the site, confess and lets save more energy together!

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