UN official says biofuels are a "crime against humanity"

Jean Ziegler, UN's special rapporteur on the right to food, yesterday called for the suspension of biofuels production saying biofuels are a "crime against humanity."

"Biofuels, with today's current production methods, are a crime against a great part of humanity. They're an intolerable crime, and I requested the United Nations General Assembly in New York in my last report to the Human Rights Council that a moratorium be imposed as a five-year ban against this transformation."

The comment was made during an emergency summit in Switzerland where the UN discusses ways to tackle the global food crisis.

Ziegler said later in an interview with Al Jazeera that "burning food today so as to serve the mobility of the rich countries is a crime against humanity".

According to Jean Ziegler biofuels is a major cause for the food crisis that has thrown millions into poverty. And he is not alone in arguing this.

The European Environment Agency's (EEA) Scientific Committee recently called for the suspension of EU's target to increase the share of biofuels used in transport to 10% by 2020. The committee wants a new and "comprehensive scientific study on the environmental risks and benefits of biofuels" before any targets should be set.

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Guest David Maldonado

Posted · Report

You know it amazes me that these tyrants can have so much influence on the outcome of a new era... They just refuse to let it happen because they are rich due to oil or petroloeum. THANKS FOR YOUR BLOG!! I just started mine because of a cnn video about this UN Official. Have a good 1

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Guest Mertkan Özdemir

Posted · Report

Mr. Jean Ziegler is a respective person. And it's the truth to say "The World must change..". It's the last chance of all humans in the world to do something against crime and inhumanity. It HAS to change. The social-human relations are not equal! We aren't the audience of a concert; we must act! Mertkan-Ünal Özdemir, Germany.

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