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Watch: Exxon (and other energy companies) hates your children

This video is spot on! Exxon and other energy companies are killing our climate and destroying the lives of future generations. And the worst thing is that they are fueling climate disaster on taxpayers’ dime. The US alone gives at least $10 billion annually to Big Oil, Gas and Coal.

And Sweden isn't much better. We are the biggest subsidisers of fossil fuels among all Annex II countries. All in all, governments around the world spend $1.4 billion every day to fuel climate chaos.

It's time to stop pretending that energy companies like Exxon or Vattenfall are anything but climate killers who hates your children.

Learn more about Exxon and US fossil fuel subsidies:

Swedes pay seven times more Fossil Fuel Subsidies per Capita than U.S. citizens: http://www.ekopolita...ies-capita-oecd

Governments Spend $1.4 Billion Per Day to Destabilize Climate:

Phasing out fossil fuel subsidies 'could provide half of global carbon target':

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