RE, REP, and RIO

RE = regenerative engineering

REP = regenerative engineering process

RIO = regenerative initiatives organization

RE is a new engineering discipline being developed at FAU in Boca Raton, FL. The core process of RE is the REP. A direct consequence of RE is the RIO.

How was this possible? A natural precursor of above is the PoA (process of axiomatization). Are we 'in love' with acronyms? Not really.. They're useful when we make repetitive use of the concepts.. Let's cite some links that elucidate.. The PoA:

The Charter for RIO can be found here:

The REP can be found here:

The text for RE is essentially complete and will be published as soon as FAU faculty review/amplify it. The intention for the PoA is for experts in science to apply it to their own discipline to analyze their core assumptions and assist in ranking them in terms of dependency. The purpose of RIO is expressly altruistic with the dual focus of humanity and environment.

Salvatore Micheal

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