Simon Leufstedt

Is Russia Today a news channel or a propaganda tool?

Al Jazeera English (AJE) has an interesting reportage about Russia Today (RT), the 24/7 English-language and government-funded news channel. AJE paints RT in a rather bad light saying that the news channel "seems more interested in reviving the Cold War than reporting what is really happening in Russia today."

This reportage gets even more remarkable considering the fact that AJE themselves are funded by the Qatari government.

AJE asks if RT is a news channel or propaganda tool. Is AJE a propaganda tool? What do you think?

Personally, and despite AJE's ties with the undemocratic emirate that currently rules in Qatar, I trust AJE more than RT. AJE feels like a professional news channel, more so than BBC News these days I must say. But RT on the other hand has always felt weird.

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