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A Greener Hawai'i

As an island state thousands of miles away from the nearest continental land mass, Hawai'i is at the forefront of America's battle with global warming. Rising transportation costs, declining tourism, warming oceans, shrinking fisheries, increasing food prices, and rising energy costs are putting the state on notice. Politicians, companies, professors, students, families, and non-profits are taking action and creating a more sustainable future for the state. A few of these leaders have posted their thoughts at Hawaii 2050 Task Force and Hawaiian Perspectives.

It seems like there are a lot of people now talking about sustainability in Hawai'i. But, words alone will not drive change. Without a functioning mass transit system (other than Oahu's excellent bus service) and a strategic plan to address rising economic and environmental pressures brought on by human factors, it remains unclear how sustainable the future of Hawai'i will be.

What is not in doubt - the future of the next generation of Hawaiians stands in the balance ...

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