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Simon Leufstedt

32,000 climate change deniers

You might have recently heard about an online petition called "the Oregon Petition." You can find it here:

(Im not even going to give it a link cause the site is so full of crap)

They claim they have 32,000 "scientists" who deny climate change. Yep, you heard right, 32k, and they are all American "scientists".

How do they define an scientists? Cause I see here they only count "American scientists" and only 9,021 of them have, according to their own site, PhDs. And guess what, those are not PhDs in any climate or weather related subject.

Why should we trust a unknown (and ugly) site? And why should we trust an unknown (and ugly) online petition?

This site is pure bull@!$%#.

Jeremy Snavely, the owner of the petition site, is not a climate scientists. He is not even a scientist in any kind of weather related subject.

Jeremy Snavely is an dermatolog. Dermatology is a branch of medicine dealing with the skin and its appendages (hair, sweat glands, etc).

JoulesBeef, one of my friends over at Newsvine, did some more digging:

"ok here is the actual list so I randomly choose one guy... Joseph S. Kalinowski, Ph.D wow turns out he has a phd in coomunications sciences and teaches at a medical univercity.

ok maybe a fluke.. lets randomly choose another. lets choose someone from "n" for newsvine Roger P. Natzke(pdf).. dang he was hard to find apparently works in the department of dairy science(oh I am sure he knows loads about climate change.. geez)

OK OK 2 can still be a fluke I am sure that someone in these 31k names has a degree in climate science.

lets look in the j's for joulesbeef. close your eyes.. click, highlight, google. Gustav Richard Jansen OOOO noes, he cant be found.

Ok random again.. this time lets go for th "a"'s for ajs Anthony J. Adrignolo

and what does he do??Orthopedics.

apparently these doctors are real DOCTORS. not actual scienctist.

this was an honestly totally random choosing of 4 names and I could not find a scienctist among them

Now if you randomly choose socks int he dark and come up with 4 white socks from the same drawer, youc an almost be sure the drawer is full of white socks.. meaning I doubt there are climate scienctists in this huge list. But I am not going to google them all."

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