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Craggers are the new Hippies!

"Wondering how to calculate all those personal emissions from your home, work and travel?

There are plenty of Web sites with so-called carbon calculators, making it difficult to choose. In addition, many of these carbon calculators are sponsored by companies selling carbon credits, which could also make it tricky to select a trustworthy online service.

One place to look for reliable guidance should be the folks who take personal emissions the most seriously — Carbon Rationing Action Groups, or CRAGs.

CRAGs are citizens, mostly in Britain, who form support groups and then hold each other to account for their carbon profligacy.

In some groups, members who break an annual quota — by flying or driving, for example — must pay a fine into a central account that is redistributed to those who emit less than the annual quota.

I wrote about the efforts of the “craggers” last year. Since then, they’ve added to their Web site and it now includes a great deal more information, including a guide to some Web-based carbon accounting sites they recommend.

Wondering how you match up to the craggers? Most of the members I spoke with were aiming to emit no more than 4,500 tons of carbon each year — or about half the British national average and about a quarter of the average emissions of someone living in the United States."


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