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Simon Leufstedt

7 steps towards energy saving

Greenpeace has very recently launched an online campaign where you sign up and every week a challenge is sent to your email. There is a total of seven challenges.

When you sign up, we’ll send you 7 challenges over 7 weeks. Each challenge will be something anyone can do, and comes with detailed advice (plus a chance to share your own ideas). We’ll also let you know about other ways you can help save our planet. Everyone’s talking about climate change. You’re doing something about it.

From what I have heard the final challenge will be something special. Eoin Dubsky from Greenpeace has this to say about challenge number seven:

Joining the campaign means you will get an email every week for seven weeks from Greenpeace (seven steps in total). Steps one, two and three are about changing your own lightbulbs and raising awareness about the campaign. Steps four, five and six are about demanding change from retailers, manufacturers and governments. Finally, step seven is a special surprise — all I can say is “action!”.

Take action, join the challenge![/url:f3fba]

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