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Please HELP to STOP This Madness

’Tis the Season, GreenBloggers -- to “Round Up Them Thar Rattlesnakes!”

Please, please, please -- let’s do all we can to STOP this barbaric, inhumane and even felonious practice of animal cruelty. We need to put an end to these senseless, blood-thirsty atrocities.

Rattlesnake roundups in Oklahoma -- Ned Bruha Skunk Whisperer takes a stand

Ned Bruha, the Skunk Whisperer, has posted this piece about an annual upcoming rattlesnake roundup in Oklahoma on YouTube. Please have a look at it. The video shows names and numbers for officials that we can contact throughout the presentation. I know what I’m going to be doing tomorrow!

Check out the “festivities” planned by (get this) the local Jaycees for March 2012 in Sweetwater, TX:

And here:

Here’s another “fun” event coming up in April in Freer, TX:

And it’s not just Texas. Georgia (among others) is getting their "pounds of flesh", too:

Thanks in advance for your support!

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