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These maps show Tesla's plan to blanket (most of) the world in superchargers

Tesla Motors want to create their own global network of fast-chargers for their increasingly popular electric vehicles. They currently have 103 Tesla Superchargers in the US but plan to expand globally soon, mainly in Europe but also in parts of Asia. By the end of 2015, Tesla Motors say they 98% of the US population will live (somewhat) nearby one of these superchargers. Around the same time, Tesla plans to start their global expansion. 


These three maps show where they plan to build their superchargers:


North America

Only six superchargers in Canada?





Western Europe gets all the love it seems.





Not much has been planned for Asia though... 



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Tesla Motors has few rivals in a sector which is quite new. And their cars are very beautiful althought its CEO is a strong opponent of hydrogen cells. This expansion seems very strong, we'll see where this is going...

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