Mark Piazzalunga

There’ll be a time for trials but first, let’s stop Gaza massacre


When I searched the definition for “war” I found this: “War is a social or politic event which consists in an armed conflict between two or more subjects. What is happening now in the Gaza Strip can’t be named a war, it’s more like an invasion and a slaughter of innocent people. People warned to leave their houses by a SMS before a missile attack, children murdered in the schools, this is the nightmare in the Gaza Strip. The invasion of Palestine should have been a “protection operation” against the terrorist group Hamas. It’s true, children can be dangerous. Especially if they’re injected with hate through towards Israel and Tel-Aviv government is achieving this target: being hated, not just by Gaza Strip but by a great part of the world.

An Israeli air strike killed at least 10 people and wounded about 30 others today in a U.N.-run school in the southern Gaza Strip. What’s the reason? Were they hiding missiles in that school? A U.N. school? Even if there were missiles in there, couldn’t Israel army took them without killing ten people? Meanwhile Hamas delegation arrived in Cairo today to negotiate a ceasefire, which lasted 6 minutes, then Israel raids killed a children and wounded 30 people.

Calling the murder of men, women and children a “protection operation” and collateral damages is cowardice and acts full of disguise. 1822 victims, Palestine officials says, a high price, for what? After this “war” there’s a second one on the social networks. Many supporters of Palestine who criticized the actions of Israel have been called anti-Semites. The worst reasoning someone could make. There are 5.7 million Jewish in Israel and 8 million in the whole country. There are 5 million Jewish in the U.S. and 400,000 in France. In the rest of the world there are more Jewish than Israel.

Criticizing Israel and being called anti-Semite is like criticizing Italy and being called anti-Catholic. It doesn’t make any sense since there are also Muslims and Christian in Israel and I’m sure that a great part of Israel disguise the murder of women and children. There’ll be a time for trials, for assumptions of liability and for accusations but first of all, let’s stop this slaughter.
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