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Six vital advices for persuading people about the benefits of green life

Have you ever met a denier of climate change? Lucky you because if you are a strong environmentalist (like me) it's hard to discuss with the deniers. So, here’s a list of essential advices for persuading one or more people about the great benefits of green energy/politics/economics.

1. Don’t appear like a crazy prophet of an environmental apocalypse. It doesn’t inspire a lot of trust and a lot of people get tired about the usual environmental polemics.

2. Always expose objective and tangible data supporting your theory. The good thing is that there are a lot of positive data regarding green topics.

3. Always predict any possible antithesis to improve your thesis.

4. Don’t be boring. The worst thing after the refuse is the indifference.

5. Believe in what you say. You have to be convinced about the things you say otherwise it’s totally useless.

6. Don’t invent data to support your thesis and always verify the reliability of the data that you have to expose.

Of course, if you're at a dinner with some friends don't show graphs about the levels of CO2 and the melting of Northern Pole. And what about you? Have you ever had an argue with someone about environment? Write it in the comments.

P.S. For every climate change denier, I'm happy to hear your experiences but prepare for hard discussions :)


A little reminder of the things we have to protect.

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I have not had any arguments, but there are still those who believe that governments are making it all up. People can be so ignorant. Facts speak for themselves. We can only lead the way by example and with a gentle hand.

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