Ethan Malone

Hello from San Francisco!

I've just recently joined this community and am really excited to be here as I can tell there are many

passionate environmentalist that I can identify with.


To introduce myself, I am happily married with two children living in San Francisco, CA. I am fortunate to live in a city that takes environmental action seriously. San Francisco effort to be zero waste by 2020, the banning of plastic bags, and mandatory recycling and composting are some of the initiatives that makes this city the  "greenest" city in the U.S. by Corporate Knights (source). 


It's great to hear from members around the world on how their country are making a positive impact on the environment. Hope to hear more about it!

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Hi Ethan,


Welcome to green-blog. This board is great for environment lovers and for those who actually want keep environment as good as it was. Have a nice time here and take a look around board. :)



Cam Vatandoust

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